Life Insurance No Medical Exam

Life insurance no medical exam. The availability of life insurance online without the need for a rigorous medical exam has made buying life insurance much simpler for many people. There is a limit to the amount you can get though.

If you are between age 18 and age 65 no exam life insurance can be bought online. One carrier limits the amount to just under $400,000. All you need do is answer a few targeted medical questions.

The medical exam has been used for years to determine qualification for coverage for many years, it has also been used to help classify risk. Technology has got to a level where in growing cases medical exams are no longer necessary, life insurance companies can get the information required in seconds once they have basic information on an applicant.

It is important to note that the providers of the required information readily avail themselves to carriers. The Medical Information Bureau report, fondly referred to as the M.I.B. report, is invaluable. If you have been diagnosed with any condition which may affect risk this is where life insurance carriers get their information. This is literally done in a matter of seconds. Life insurance no medical exam benefits from this.

A Pharmacy Report also helps the company decide to issue or not to issue a policy. Think about it, one can quite easily determine what ails a person by the medication prescribed. This is very helpful to the life insurance company. We can also say this helps you, the applicant, as well. It saves you time, it also helps you get covered quickly.

If you are in fairly good health and the amount of coverage you need is less than $400,000 you should try applying for no medical life insurance online. In the recent past only term policies could be acquired this way, whole life and universal life can now be bought online without a physical. You will need to call for the whole life and universal life rates though.

Life insurance no medical exam is something the life insurance companies like, it costs them less to issue a policy.

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